I have always been involved in movement as a dancer, trained in Classical Ballet, Theatrical, Jazz and Tap dancing. My first career as a professional dancer took me travelling to many places around the world. Once home in Perth I continued professional dancing and teaching dance classes to children and adults on and off for over 20 years.

However, after taking a break I found I missed the feeling of being strong and flexible. My body had changed. I started practicing and fell in love with the Pilates method over 15 years ago. I was SO amazed at the way it made my body feel, it gave me so much more than a traditional gym workout. I was in awe at how Pilates conditions the body. I liken it to the lengthening and strengthening benefits of dance training but suitable for anyone, especially if you are just starting out (or starting back) to exercise. Because of this love of Pilates, I pursued my training and qualifications as a Pilates practitioner so I could share this joy with others!


Pilates benefits people involved in all forms of movement and sports and is a wonderful way to maintain a strong and healthy body as we age. Mostly I love the mind and body connection that Pilates practice gives you.


The reformer classes are held in a lovely private studio maximum 4 people per class, so you can experience hands on professional guidance and attention. Reformer Pilates is a wonderful mindful exercise that will help you achieve better posture, balance, flexibility and strength by helping you build longer, leaner muscles.  It will change the way your body feels almost immediately.  It is suitable for anybody starting a new exercise regime. I will introduce new challenges into the repertoire each week to build strength.

Reformer Pilates classes are available 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday.

We are the first and only Yin Pilates studio in WA.  As an endorsed Yin Pilates instructor it is something I am very passionate about, You will release tight muscles, increase flexibility and enjoy deep guided relaxation and stillness of mind. Deep, effective and safe stretches for the entire body will have you feeling relaxed, restored and rejuvenated!  Yin Pilates classes are available twice a week, bookings essential.

It is all about balance! Work hard and then relax.  Come and join me for a class to make a positive change to the way you feel.



I completed my Pilates instructor training with Polestar Pilates Australia (Matwork & Intensive Reformer), Australian Fitness Institute (Matwork Certification), and Pureform Pilates (QLD). I recently completed Yin Pilates Training which focuses on flexibility, relaxation, and rejuvenation and am the first to open a Yin Pilates Studio here in the South West.


Yin Pilates South West Retreats are now available! Join us and escape for a 3 day wellness retreat in the beautiful South West of WA. Staying 3 nights and enjoying a weekend of Pilates, health and wellness, plus sample some of our local wine and food. Leave feeling pampered, rejuvenated and relaxed!