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Session purchases including (but not limited to) intro packs, promotions, casual classes, 5 class and 10 class passes all have relevant expiry periods. For the specific expiry date of your session purchase please check your account. It is your responsibility to be aware of the expiry date of any/all of your session purchases and Yin Pilates South West does not take any responsibility for managing your expiry dates and is not under any obligation to provide you with notice of any session purchase expiry.

Only under extreme cases will Yin Pilates South West provide an extension to session purchase expiry dates or offer a class credit. Yin Pilates South West reserves the right to deny any request for extension. A class credit will be offered at the discretion of Yin Pilates South West if you purchased the wrong pack and have not used any sessions out of the pack. There may be an additional surcharge for this to cover the cost of merchant fees.

Group class: If you cancel a group class within 8 hours of that class being scheduled, this will be considered a ‘late cancel’ and that session will still be deducted from your membership plan or class purchase/pack.

Private session: If you cancel a private 1 on 1 session within 8 hours of that session being scheduled, this will be considered a ‘late cancel’ and that session will still be deducted from your pack.

If you book a class and fail to attend, you may be charged a no show fee of $10.00 per class. This charge is at the discretion of Yin Pilates South West. If you fail to attend more than three booked classes, your booking access will be suspended until you contact Yin Pilates South West.

If you have placed yourself on a waitlist you will be notified by either email or sms. You have 1 hour to confirm or deny a position on a waitlist. It is your responsibility to ensure your account notifications are active so that you receive the automated messages either via sms or email. Yin Pilates South West may not credit any classes missed because of not having your account notifications turned on.

You can waitlist for up to 2 classes per day, however if you are given a place in class, it is your responsibility to remove yourself from all other waitlists. If you do not do so, Yin Pilates South West may charge you a no show fee for the other class.

All classes and sessions can be booked 28 days in advance. For further advanced bookings you will need to contact Yin Pilates South West by phone or sms. Advance bookings greater than 28 days are at the discretion of Yin Pilates South West.

Yin Pilates South West may cancel a class at any time and for any reason or may make changes to the timetable without notification to any client or member. Yin Pilates South West may credit any classes cancelled back to your membership or session purchase if a class is cancelled due to the studio cancelling them.

Yin Pilates South West reserves the right to change or substitute any instructor if required, at any time without providing notice to you. Yin Pilates South West will not credit classes back to your membership or session purchase due to a change or substitution of an instructor.

Yin Pilates South West may close for Christmas, Easter, other Public Holidays or any other day at the discretion of Yin Pilates South West.

If the Australian or WA Government forces closure of the studio, Yin Pilates South West will honour all pre-paid classes and sessions to be used with the expiry extended when legally allowed to re-open.


All Yin Pilates South West memberships are valid until cancelled. Contracts consist of automatic weekly or monthly payments to Yin Pilates South West, which are debited from your nominated credit or debit card.

Membership plans are based on either
− 1 x Reformer and 1 x Matwork Sessions, OR
− 2 x Reformer Sessions, OR
− 3 x Reformer Sessions, OR
− Unlimited x Any Sessions,
per week depending on the membership plan you have selected.

NOTE: All memberships are restricted to 1 x Reformer class per day.

Your contract consists of the allocated number of sessions per week or month, depending on your membership. These will be provided to you, in total, at the start of each week (starting on the day your membership payment is taken). If you do not use all the allocated sessions during the week they will be forfeited.

Unfortunately, this means we cannot refund any purchases under any circumstance and all weekly account payments will need to be made in full, including if you did not use all your sessions.

If you wish to cancel your membership, you can at any time, however you must do so in writing via email to Yin Pilates South West 14 days prior.

Memberships can be suspended for up to 2 weeks during your contract period due to holidays or illness. During that time, you will be unable to book classes and when you return your account will be automatically adjusted in terms of the payment amount. If you are going on holiday, we suggest that you forward book your classes for when you return to avoid missing out on your preferred classes. Yin Pilates South West will not extend your contract further due to not being able to book available class times if you have not forward booked. To apply for a suspension in your membership please advise Yin Pilates South West in writing via email.

From time to time, your membership payment may change due to the increases in overheads. Yin Pilates South West will endeavour to minimise this with the hope of only an annual increase. At any time, you will receive one month’s notice of this change.

Your payments may sometimes decline because of card problems, security reasons or funding issues. If this happens, you will receive notification that the payment will be retried. If the payment fails again, the membership will automatically cancel. It is your responsibility to make sure the credit card details on file are always up to date and current to prevent a membership being cancelled automatically.

Late cancellation (within 8 hours) and no show fees apply to all group classes as per the general studio policy listed above.

By purchasing a membership, you agree to the studio policies and the full list of membership terms and conditions as listed above, and to pay the membership fee in full as per the terms set out in your membership.

If you have any questions about our studio policies or membership terms and conditions, please feel free to reach out


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